Neutrino Compile Loader Middleware

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neutrino-middleware-compile-loader is Neutrino middleware for compiling source code with Babel.


  • Node.js v6.9+
  • Yarn or npm client
  • Neutrino v5


neutrino-middleware-compile-loader can be installed via the Yarn or npm clients.


❯ yarn add neutrino-middleware-compile-loader


npm install --save neutrino-middleware-compile-loader


neutrino-middleware-compile-loader can be consumed from the Neutrino API, middleware, or presets. Require this package and plug it into Neutrino:

const compile = require('neutrino-middleware-compile-loader');

neutrino.use(compile, {
  include: [],
  exclude: [],
  babel: {}
  • include should be an array of paths to include in the compilation. Maps to Webpack's Rule.include
  • babel is a Babel configuration object, consumed by babel-loader. Use this to set properties such as presets, plugins, and env.


neutrino-middleware-compile-loader creates some conventions to make overriding the configuration easier once you are ready to make changes.


The following is a list of rules and their identifiers which can be overridden:

  • compile: Compiles JS and JSX files from the src directory using Babel. Contains a single loader named babel.


This preset is part of the neutrino-dev repository, a monorepo containing all resources for developing Neutrino and its core presets. Follow the contributing guide for details.

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