Neutrino Start Server Middleware

neutrino-middleware-start-server is Neutrino middleware for starting a Node.js server for a file upon completion of a build.

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  • Node.js v6.10+
  • Yarn or npm client
  • Neutrino v7


neutrino-middleware-start-server can be installed via the Yarn or npm clients.


❯ yarn add neutrino-middleware-start-server


npm install --save neutrino-middleware-start-server


neutrino-middleware-start-server can be consumed from the Neutrino API, middleware, or presets. Require this package and plug it into Neutrino:

// Using function middleware format
const server = require('neutrino-middleware-start-server');

// Use with default options, starting the server
// for the main entry point, neutrino.options.entry

// Usage with custom server file to start
neutrino.use(server, { name: 'custom.js' });
// Using object or array middleware format

// Use with default options, starting the server
// for the main entry point, neutrino.options.entry
module.exports = {
  use: ['neutrino-middleware-start-server']

// Usage with custom server file to start
module.exports = {
  use: [
    ['neutrino-middleware-start-server', {
      name: 'custom.js'

By default this middleware will start a server with the single entry point configured in Neutrino. This middleware optionally accepts an object with a name property for a path to a module which to start the server.


neutrino-middleware-start-server creates some conventions to make overriding the configuration easier once you are ready to make changes.


The following is a list of plugins and their identifiers which can be overridden:

Name Description Environments and Commands
start-server Start a Node.js for a configured entry point or specified file. all


You can start the Node.js server in inspect mode to debug the process by setting neutrino.options.debug to true. This can be done from the API or the CLI using --debug.


This middleware is part of the neutrino-dev repository, a monorepo containing all resources for developing Neutrino and its core presets and middleware. Follow the contributing guide for details.

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