Upgrading from Neutrino v6 to v7

Neutrino v7 introduces some changes, most of which are from major version bumps of dependent packages. To upgrade from Neutrino v6 to v7, be sure to check this list for tasks you may need to perform to use this latest version:

  • BREAKING CHANGE webpack-chain upgraded to v4. The breakage from this upgrade is the .noParse method which is now a plain shortcut method, allowing you to set any value.
  • BREAKING CHANGE Webpack upgraded to v3. While most users should need no changes for this upgrade, be aware that it may still be possible for something to change during this upgrade.
  • BREAKING CHANGE The Web and React presets no longer include babel-polyfill by default, and have removed the polyfill.babel option. If you need babel-polyfill in your app, please import it.
  • BREAKING CHANGE ESLint has been upgraded to v4, which may bring linting configuration changes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE The Neutrino static option has been removed. The Web, React, and Node.js presets will still copy files from a src/static directory if it exists, but you can override your own copying directives using the neutrino-middleware-copy middleware.
  • BREAKING CHANGE Certain processes like minification or starting the dev server used to happen during many different values for the NODE_ENV environment variable. These are now controlled to run during certain NODE_ENV values like production or development, or when using certain commands like start or build. Look at the documentation for your specific presets to determine what environments or commands are used for certain configuration changes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE The minify plugin has switched to using the BabelMinifyWebpackPlugin, so the middleware options have been renamed from babili to minify and from overrides to plugin, e.g. neutrino.use(minify, { minify: {}, plugin: {} }) or ['neutrino-middleware-minify', { minify: {}, plugin: {} }].

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